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SAL is a free educational resource developed for students, researchers, alumni and the general public. SAL is provided by the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering (DCEA), a department at the Faculty of Science and Technology, New University of Lisbon. The site provides an overview of the scientific and academic achievements of the department.

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Ten Most Recent Publications
Authors Publication Title Type Publish Date
Borges L. M., Hollatz C., Lobo J., Cunha A. M., Vilela A. P., Calado G., Coelho R., Costa A. C., Ferreira M. S. G. , Costa M. H., Costa, F. O. With a little help from DNA barcoding: investigating the diversity of Gastropoda from the Portuguese coast. Scientific Reports, 6, 20226 SCI Journals 2016
Lopes, A.S., J.G. Ferreira, C. Vale, J. Johansen The mass balance of production and consumption: Supporting policy-makers for aquatic food security. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 188, 212-223. SCI Journals 2017
A.M. Cubillo, J.G. Ferreira, S.M.C. Robinson, C.M. Pearce, R.A. Corner, and J. Johansen Role of deposit feeders in integrated multi-trophic aquaculture - a model analysis. Aquaculture,453, 54-66. SCI Journals 2016
J.G. Ferreira Invited talk. Application of a multi-model framework for integrated ecosystem management in Lough Foyle. EAAP 2016, 67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science. Belfast, Aug-Sept 2016. International Conference Proceedings 2016
J.G. Ferreira, H. Moore, P. Boylan, C. Jordan, J.D. Lencart-Silva, C. McGonigle, S. McLean, J.P. Nunes, M. Service, C.B. Zhu. Beyond the High Water Mark: Application of an ecosystem model framework for Integrated Catchment Management in Lough Foyle. World Aquaculture Society, Aquaculture 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada, Feb 2016. International Conference Proceedings 2016
J.G. Ferreira, N. Taylor, N. McPherson, J. Lencart e Silva, R. Pastres. The ABC of aquaculture—combining production and disease modelling into an effective management tool for farmers and environmental agencies. Accepted for oral, Aquaculture Europe 2016, September 2016, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. International Conference Proceedings 2016
J.M. Rose, S.B. Bricker, S. Deonarine, J.G. Ferreira, T. Getchis, J.G. Grant, J.K. Kim, J.S. Krumholz, G.P. Kraemer, K. Stephenson, G.H. Wikfors, C. Yarish Nutrient Bioextraction. Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology, Robert A. Meyers, Ed. in Chief. Springer, due 2018. Chapters In Books 2016
R.G. Ferreira, J.G. Ferreira, R. White, R.A. Corner, W.F. Dewey, J.G. Grant, J. Johansen. A multimetric investor index for aquaculture – application to the European Union. Accepted for oral, Aquaculture Europe 2016, September 2016, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. International Conference Proceedings 2016
S.B. Bricker, J.G. Ferreira, C.B. Zhu, J. Rose, E. Galimany, G. Wikfors, C. Saurel, R. Landeck Miller, J. Wands, K. Wellman, R. Rheault, P. Trowbridge, R. Grizzle, J. Steinberg, A. Jacob, E. Davenport, S. Ayvazian, M. Chintala, M.Tedesco. Shellfish Aquaculture for Seafood Production and Water Quality Improvement. World Aquaculture Society, Aquaculture 2016, Las Vegas, NV, Feb 2016. International Conference Proceedings 2016
A.M. Cubillo, J.G. Ferreira, R. Marshall, C.M. Pearce, D.P. Cheney, B. Hudson, A.D. Suhrbier, W.F. Dewey, P. Becker, S. Wysocki. Ecosystem goods and services of geoduck farming in South Puget Sound: A modelling analysis. Aquaculture Europe 2015, October 2015, Rotterdam, Netherlands. International Conference Proceedings 2015
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